Therapy Services

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I work with youth ages three and up. Whereas adults tend to communicate by talking, youth most naturally communicate through play. Play helps kids process their thoughts and feelings, make sense of events, and learn new skills. For these reasons, I use talk and play therapy based on each child’s unique needs. 

Children are incredibly resilient and more important than the challenges they face is how their support system responds. Since the relationship between a child and parent/caregiver is one of the most important in a child’s life, I always seek to enhance that relationship.

Common topics include: 

  • sexual orientation

  • coping with discrimination

  • self-esteem

  • Selective Mutism (choosing not to talk in certain settings)

  • Separation Anxiety (difficulty separating from primary caregiver/s)

  • family conflict

  • acting out

  • inattention, hyperactivity, and ADHD

  • trauma and post-traumatic stress (PTSD)

  • sleep issues

  • anxiety and Panic Attacks

  • gender identity


Youth services may entail individual sessions, family sessions, and/or parent consultations. Sessions are 45-90 minutes.


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Individual therapy for adults can address a myriad of topics such as: 

  • sexual orientation 

  • gender identity

  • integrating various aspects of one’s identity

  • coping with discrimination

  • stage of life concerns (e.g. transitioning to college, parenthood, or late adulthood)

  • adjustment difficulties

  • trauma and post-traumatic stress (PTSD)

  • anxiety and Panic Attacks

  • relationship and family conflicts

  • sleep issues

  • stress management

Sessions are 45-50 minutes.

Couples Therapy

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Relationships can be complicated. I can help you and yours: 

  • improve communication

  • build trust

  • navigate changes and challenges in ways that bring you closer

  • adjust to gender transition or coming out

  • bridge cultural differences

  • co-parent

I work with heterosexual and LGBTQ couples as well as people in mixed-orientation relationships. Additionally, I work with people in alternative relationship structures, such as polyamorous and other consensually non-monogamous folks. My practice is sex positive - as long as it’s consensual, intimacy in all of it’s forms is valued.  

Couples therapy sessions last 90 minutes.



Groups can provide excellent opportunities for mutual understanding, support, and learning in a safe, therapeutic environment.

Current groups offered:

  • Skills Group for Parents of Kids with ADHD - This 8-week, evidence-informed group teaches you the skills you need to help your child(ren) (ages 6 through 17) complete tasks, decrease conflict, and improve family relationships. Change can happen faster than you think!

  • Support Group for Parents of Kids with ADHD - Kids with ADHD tend to be fun-loving, creative, enthusiastic, and energetic. They also tend to be impulsive, hyperactive, easily distracted, and sometimes hyper-focused. These traits can bring a mix of fun and chaos to a parent's world. This ongoing, monthly group is a place for parents of children with ADHD to support one another and share in each other's joys and struggles.

Select previous groups: Transgender Veterans Support Group, Multi-Family Play Therapy Group. 

I develop groups based on community needs so if you’re interested in a group that you don’t see here, please let me know!

Meetings are 60 minutes.